Superior Quality,
Design and Value.

  • 45,000-mile
    limited treadwear warranty
  • 4.6/5 star rating
    with consumers
  • 97% recommend
    to a friend
  • Modern tread design for all-season performance
  • Quality and performance at an economical price
  • Deep lateral grooves to ensure excellent traction
  • Features a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty
  • Provides smooth ride and controlled handling
Wear Life
Fuel Efficiency

Solar 4XS Plus offers an extremely high value combination of superior quality and economical pricing.

The Solar 4XS Plus all-season performance line delivers the perfect combination of superior quality, design, and value. From technologically advanced construction to impressive size coverage, the Solar 4XS Plus provided outstanding performance in every area. This tire is produced by Sumitomo Rubber (the 6th largest tire manufacturer in the world) which has an exceptional track record for quality, performance, and longevity.

I was waiting to review these tires and now I have 10k on them so here I go. First off to be honest I drive fast, but I don't endanger other drivers. The first day they installed them I was on my way to work in a snow storm. These tires handled great, actually better than I expected. Since then there has been icestorms, snowstorms, thunderstorms and down pours so heavy traffic nearly stopped. These tires are exceptional in any weather condition.
- Rick Harrison
I really like the way the tires handle the road, very nice look to the tires and tread design , pretty quiet on the road even though we have some jacked up roads, cant wait to see how the perform after they get broken in, so far very good tires for the cost per tire very happy with my purchase. The Mechanics at the Wal-Mart did a great job on installing tires also in just 45 minutes.
- Chris Sweeney
I love to save money and I don't care if it says Goodyear or Bridgestone on the side of my tire. This was by far the best price on a quality tire I found anywhere. I researched the tire and found all the ratings to be superior with A ratings for speed, wet traction, and wear. The tire looks good on my Lexus ES350, it rides smooth, and handles great.
- Elizabeth Patrick


Solar Tires are produced by one of the top 10 tire manufacturers in the world and in a facility that is approved for global Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) production. They have been making quality tires for the past 71 years and are known for the quality and workmanship.

The Solar brand utilizes the most up-to-date technology to give you a high performance, yet safe tire in all seasons. These tires offer a best in class 45k mile warranty and are available in sizes that fit a variety of today’s vehicles.


The Solar 4XS Plus comes with a class-leading 45,000-mile limited treadlife warranty.


The Solar Tires are All Season Performance tire line offered in 49 different size combinations to fit a wide variety of vehicles.

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